Wednesday, May 14, 2008


well, DH got the laptop back up and running..but i feel like i am working with a time bomb..and one I'd rather have replaced! I did end up loosing some pictures..but they were not that big of a deal. I am sad though. Also, the ones i have on Snapfish...are VERY expensive to get a CD of! YIKES! I was shocked. These ARE after all MY PICTURES! grumble.
so...the pictures i was planning to use for my blog are on snapfish and i can't get them back...which totally sucks IMO because I uploaded them to snapfish..i ought to be able to download them too! grrrrrrrrrr!
Hope you are having a good week. My DD bday was yesterday and it went well...maybe i will share that with you later.


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MamaDrama77 said...

Go with next time. You can upload your photos, resize them, edit, add text, tons of features...and you can save your work to your hard drive. Free.