Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 15 Be Our Guest!

It seems to be the new tradition; us hosting Christmas Eve. My Dad's family, what's left of it, comes over around 10 a.m. and spends the whole day. We have a lot of fun, visiting and playing games, etc.

I love having things at my house, i don't have to go anywhere or worry about my kids being bored or messing up someone else's house. Plus, and i know this is a strange one, it gives me REAL incentive to clean my house really well!
Also, since the kids, my parents have spent the night with us on Christmas Eve as well. I wish i had an actual spare bedroom for them, since they won't take our bed..but we make do. We have a Christmas morning breakfast before they leave and we all begin to get on with our Christmas Day celebrations!

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