Friday, December 19, 2008

a few of my favorite things...part three

how cute is this little guy? i just love him! I rescued this from some of my Grandparent's things. A friend of my Mamaw's made it for her, i have no idea how many years ago. I don't typically have a lot of PINK Christmas decorations, but i just loved this!

In the detail shots, i hope you can see how it's put together. The snowflake (there is one on the front and back) is a large sequin thing held on with hundred of straight pins with beads on them.

All different sizes and sorts of beads. It is really beautiful! the little "feet" it stands on are oblong pearl head pins with and extra pearl added.
Last year i put this in my Daughter's room for the Holidays, but i was afraid she would be too curious this year at 4 to handle it. She has a great capacity for getting into and breaking things! I chose a safer spot in the living room this year!

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