Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 9

I have realized that we have a lot of family Christmas traditions. Every year we go to Nashville to visit some college friends of ours...we may barely talk to them all year, but come December plans are being made to head north to see them.

Going to the Symphony's Christmas concert at DH's work is also a tradition...the kids would be so upset if we didn't do this. We even now have to check DS out of school to go. But go we must!

Several years ago we started decorating on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That has become a tradition now. My parents come over to help and the kids so look forward to putting up the big tree "that goes all the way to the sky!"

We've started putting up the "other" trees the week of Thanksgiving because 5 trees in one day is just too much!!!

We go to Zoo Light Safari at our Zoo every year, usually with my BFF and her kids.

Christmas Eve is celebrated with my Dad's family at our house. My parents spend the night and we have a big breakfast on Christmas morning.

And to end the holiday season, we ALWAYS spend New Year's Eve with the Duchess and her hub. We may do different things each year, but we are always least 10 years and going!

what are your traditions?



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