Sunday, December 21, 2008

a few of my favorite things...part five

this is one of those treasures i have hung on to for quite a while and just last year found a truly GREAT purpose for them. OK, first i truly don't recall which Grandparent's stash these came out of but they are truly fabulous! there are 5 of these little girl choir angels: French, German, American, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish. On the fronts, they say "Merry Christmas" in their native language....

and then on the back it says "in German we say Merry Christmas" or whatever the language is so you know because unless you are fluent in those 5 languages or a linguistics scholar or the Big guy in Red'd never know what the languages are, especially the Swedish and Polish in my case!

I have hung them from my chandelier over the kitchen table on lengths of chiffon ribbon. They all hang at differing heights because i am not foolish enough to think i could ever get them all to hang at exactly the same height! (so should have turned the light on for this picture!) I have also re-purposed a holly garland here by wrapping it through the arms for a bit of greenery. What's that big thing in the center you ask?

Well, that happens to be ANOTHER of my favorite vintage things! It is a mistletoe ball, complete with a little elf sitting on top. This larger one was my Mamaw's and i have a smaller one that was my mom's and i loved it growing up! the smaller one i hang from the IKEA clothes line thingy with my Christmas cards. This one fits nicely right in the center of all those angles!


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