Saturday, December 20, 2008

a few of my favorite things...part four

this photo actually has two of my favorites!
See those little clothes pin thingies? those came from IKEA several years ago. I was there and they were $1 and i figured i would find a use for them some day! Guess what? I did!!!!
I hang them, one on each side of the doorway into the kitchen. Then i hang Christmas cards on them as they come in the mail.
This allows me to enjoy the photos and cards as well as have a place to put them and keep them all together during the craziness of Christmas.
The other thing is this wreath my DD made in her preschool class. I love the things the kids bring home from school. sometimes they don't make it through until the next year, but sometimes they do.
I will admit to tossing a few things here and there because honestly who can keep every little thing made by those adorable chubby hands??? This year in fact my DS came home with 3 ornaments he made in 1st grade ( maybe I'll show you those later). So there you have favorite things for today are IKEA clothes line card holder thingies and Christmas Kid-made Crafts!

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