Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a few of my favorite things...

In the midst of all the Christmas posts i am doing, i wanted to take a little time and show you some of my most favorite Christmas decorations. This wreath is definitely one!
1. yes, i made it
2. yes, those are mostly vintage decorations
3. in my grandparents attic, garage sales, and antique/junk stores...that's where they came from

This is supposed to be made on one of those cheap plastic flocked wreaths...and i had one, but it was too small, and eventually, after about 2 or 3 years died on me. I removed all the do-dads and put them on this wreath. If i FIND one of those flocked looking ones, I'll snag it, but until then this will have to do.

Here are some of my Favorite parts of the wreath....goodies on it!

Do you remember putting these huge lights on your tree indoors???

apparently Mother Goose says "Christmas". Isn't she cute though?

It actually holds up surprisingly well on the front door, we do have a covered porch though.

and WOW have you seen how much these things are selling for on ebay???
my darling Duchess had on as well. I think i may have even given her one of these charming elves from my grandparent stash...and her wreath died, and she had the parts in the attic to rebirth it someday, but when she moved....THEY CONVINCED HER TO TOSS IT!!! what the heck were they thinking!!!! sigh.
more decor to come!


Tinkersdamn said...

I love that wreath! I'm going to have to unearth all my old decs next time I'm at my mom's, so I can make one.
LOL we both have Starbucks and Disney on our grateful lists- didn't need to read your profile to see you've got kids too!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! Love the vintage stuff.

Heather said...

wow that wreath is awesome, love all the colors. SO much to look at.