Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 5

how do you count the days until Christmas? We celebrate Advent. This year Advent started on November 30...but we didn't start our official celebration until December 1st. Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, so the actual days are different each year, but to simplify things, we like most people celebrate our Advent December 1-25.
My sweet Mother-in-law got my kids this lovely Advent Calendar this year and it is hanging on our fridge. Each day one of the kids opens a door...

and the other Child opens the box of the day. These boxes are our usual Advent tradition. Each box has a Bible verse listed on the inside of the lid and then something inside the box.
In years past there has been a mix of candy, gifts, and slips of paper telling of exciting trips (going to visit friends out of town, a zoo trip, a visit to see the Symphony, etc) in the boxes. This year we just did activities. Things we can do as a family. Reading a special Christmas book together, watching a holiday movie, baking cookies, etc. I was worried the kids would be disappointed, but other than my DD being upset that there was no chocolate, they have been excited JUST to open the box and read the slip of paper!
Of course we save these boxes from year to year , but each year is different because we obviously change up what's in each box.
Also we have an advent wreath with Candles which we new one each week, as we read our Bible verse in the evenings once we open our daily box!
enjoy the Season!