Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Special Delivery...Day 14

As a kid, my Papaw always "played Santa" and handed out the gifts. He would always sit on the floor next to the tree and say a hearty "HO, HO, HO!" as he called out names and passed presents around.
I guess i never really thought much about it; that is until now. Now he's gone and who passes out the gifts? who has the honor of filling his Santa boots?
The answer really is, no one. Now it is more of a casual thing with most of the adults just passing out things from under the tree.
We try and make the kids (no longer us...they're our kids now!) unwrap one by one so we can actually see what everyone gets! We typically go youngest to oldest..but they get antsy waiting on their turn. there are 9 of them! It's interesting to me how two people, my grandparents, got married, had three kids, who had 6 kids, who had 9 kids! so what use to be a family of 5, is now a family of 28, minus three who have passed, leaving us at 25 people! That in and of itself is a gift, and no one has to pass that out!

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Bren said...

I'll leave a comment here for all the pages I have looked at. I love the journalling you are including. Doesn't it make you think back to when you were a child? This way our children will know what we were doing back then.

I hope your little one is on the mend