Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to the Mail boxes again

So when i did these before i wanted something really bad on the front of the mailboxes. Yesterday while shopping, i got a pack of chip board from Hobby Lobby, it was 30% off!!! So here they are finished!! Well, Except for adding the candy inside because if i get it now, i will for sure eat it before i can send it to the teachers.
(Heather, if your target doesn't have the mailboxes, keep checking back..ours has had 3 or 4 different shipments of them. They come in and sell out pretty quickly. )
The Duchess has bought these mailboxes for her teachers too, she found some 3x3 cards in the dollar spot at Michael's yesterday to put in hers so she doesn't have to make cards to go in them. They were cute Mary Engelbreit ones. It's a nifty idea if you don't want to make cards to go in your mailboxes.

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the scrappy chick said...

These are super cute! Love the patterns and chipboard :)