Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Teacher gifts two and three

Here is the second, followed by the third teacher gift. Again the mailboxes are from target and i made a set of 3x3 cards to put inside. I will include some chocolate of course. All stamps are from SU! and i have no idea about the other stuff. I do know some of this paper is SU! but that is all i know about it. I really enjoyed doing these. I think they are so cute. I really hope the teachers like them and will use the cards. I am sad that i don't have envelopes for the cards, but since they are small maybe they will punch a hole in them and attach them to the package or use them as enclosure cards inside a gift.

The last thing i have to show today, i probably shouldn't even post because it is totally and completely not my idea. I found this card on SCS done by Shuber. I loved it so i took the idea and changed it just a bit because i wasn't going to sew, as was originally done, and i didn't have the same embellishments that were originally used. I of course added glitter instead, which i found at big lots for $1!!! how can you pass that up? I made this for a friend's birthday...i hope she likes it.

i hope everyone has a good night! I actually had a pretty good day today!




Rochelle W said...

They are great. Of course the teachers will love them. I think I have to break mine out and decorate them this weekend.

travelingmama said...

Hey Cyndi! Thanks for stopping by travelingmama and your interest! We have been in Morocco for a year and the goal is to stay for two more years. My husband works for an NGO that helps with community development, which includes everything from teaching English in an orphanage to digging wells in the countryside! It's exciting work, but this last year of Arabic study has definitely stretched us!

Anyways! That's a little about us. I love your projects! You chose a cool name for your blog. It sounds like we have some similar interests!