Saturday, January 26, 2008

by the Dawn's early light

So this morning i finally started my "see" project. No one is apparently joining me in this, at least not from my blog, but i shall endeavor to do it and either delight or bore you with what i see. Hopefully by the end of it all i will be more aware of the beauty around and the moments i miss because i look with blind eyes. I don't take the time to notice what is right in front of my face. the little everyday moments of bliss that we all have and are fleeting and typically missed.

Sometimes we dont See....

Sometimes we do.

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Rochelle W said...

Your "see" project is awesome. As a photographer myself, I "see" what you are talking about. I didn't used to "see" every detial when taking my pictures. But I do now. I love photography and how with the naked eye you miss it but when you develop the picture it all comes to light. Thanks for sharing this. I have some great pictures I took for my portfolio. If I can get a good picture of the picture, I will post them on my blog. They are black and white so it might be hard to do that.