Monday, January 7, 2008

Teacher gifts part one

So this is the mailbox everyone is using from the $1 spot at Target. Here is my version. This is for my son's teacher. I am including a set of six 3x3 cards and some candies inside.

I have two pink ones to do also. One for my Daughter's teacher and one for my son's other teacher. I hope they like them. I really enjoyed making them.

I wish i was good and could tell you all about the products i used, I can tell you that the gingham ribbon and the stamps are Stampin' UP! but the rest is a mystery to me.

I can't wait until tomorrow, maybe i will have time to get the others finished and i will post them for you to check them out. Have i mentioned i am addicted to blogs? mostly reading them, but i have some things i want to i will be posting like mad for a while.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to Target today.
Congrats on starting a blog. I too am a blog reader. I've been saying for a year, "I need to start my own blog!".
New goal: Start blog before Cyndi's party - ask me about it then.

Rochelle W said...

Super cute. I love the black and red. I bought some the other day but haven't done anything with them yet. I like your idea of putting cards in them.