Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The countdown to V Day continues.

This is the Valentine for My DD. She loves chocolate. She's also three. I took a movie size box of M&Ms and added some designer paper to it, i know it's hard to see here. Then i added a glittery heart shaped notebook that she actually picked out on our shopping excursion to Michael's the other day. She also has a "gift card" like the one I posted for my son, only hers is for a pajama party. I figure we can have a family pajama party or a girls' night whichever she wants. I tied it all up with a Satin ribbon that i saved...it was around a bath robe i got as a Birthday present! Who can toss perfectly good satin ribbon?!?!? Seriously!

I also made a tiny little card, you can see it here. It has a tiny little scalloped "seal" holding it shut. I punched that with a punch i got at Target's Dollar spot. Inside there is a sweet little message from me and her Daddy. I tucked that in with the other things under the ribbon.

Now i have to pick up a few things to go with the 'gift card' i have for DS. He is not a big chocolate fan, so it will be a challenge to find him something. I may, make a box/bag and put in a few savory goodies he can take to school for snack like cheese curls or something.

Have a great day and thanks for looking!

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